Redspeed International – National Apprenticeship Week

We asked employers and apprentices who work with The Point at Kidderminster College their views on hiring apprentices for National Apprenticeship week 2023.

The employer

“Our products and people are here to help countries, cities, communities and organisations achieve better road safety outcomes through smarter engineering, enforcement and education”.

We hire apprentices/We chose to hire an apprentice because…

We recognise that recruiting, training and retaining local talented young people, is the key to developing a sustainable organisation and the foundations of a great culture.


Hiring apprentices/an apprentice has benefited our business because…

It has enabled existing staff to be promoted into senior roles and helped develop their leadership and mentoring skills. It is an affordable route to recruiting new talent within a supported training framework, which in turn enables us as a small employer to do more.


I would recommend hiring an apprentice because…

It is an incredibly way of building a strong loyal team within your organisation. Enabling you to train people in a targeted way that suits your business needs. It is an incredibly rewarding journey, helping young people start out on a skilled career path, that in turn can support the future growth and stability of your business.


Find out more about RedSpeed International’s views on hiring apprentices here: National Apprenticeship Week 2023 – Redspeed International Case Study – YouTube

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