At Kidderminster College, we strive to make education accessible to everyone. Our support services are designed to assist you in various aspects of your studies. Whether you seek study support, financial guidance, or course advice, our dedicated support teams are committed to helping you both before and during your academic journey, ensuring your success.


Fees and Finance

Need more clarification about what finance options we offer? For funding information for 16-18 college students, adult students, and KCHE students, take a look at our Fees and Finance page.

Fees and Finance

Check out our Support Services

Our Support Services are dedicated to making your educational journey accessible and supported. Whether you need academic guidance, financial assistance, or course advice, our committed teams are ready to provide the necessary resources. With a proactive approach, we offer support before and during your academic endeavours, fostering an empowering environment for successful navigation and overcoming challenges.

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Student Support

Explore our student support webpage for resources and assistance tailored to help you thrive academically and personally during your time at Kidderminster College.

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Student Services

Student Services are here to provide the necessary resources and support to help you excel academically and personally no matter what your background is.

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Care-experienced Students

Learn about the support available to care-experienced students at Kidderminster College.


Careers Programme

Accessible, impartial, and high-quality information, advice, and guidance. We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions and navigate your progression through learning and work with confidence.


Travel and Transport

KC is amazingly placed for a huge host of transport links; we’re bang in the middle of Kidderminster, opposite Tescos…you really can’t miss us! Find out how to get to our main campus by car, bus or train!

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Pastoral Support

All students are provided with support through any difficult times. We have members of staff who are available for you to chat with/talk things through. We work with local organisations to ensure you have the most accurate information about what is available to you in times of need.