Hazel Brown [Games Design]

The interview

What have you been up to since completing your course at Kidderminster College?
Once I completed my course at Kidderminster College I went on to study Game Art at De Montfort University, upon graduation I got a job at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios in Nottingham.

What has been your proudest moment or biggest achievement in terms of your education or career?
Graduating University and getting my first job in the games industry were two big achievements for me as they felt like the culmination of all my years of hard work.

What advice would you give our current students or potential students wanting to get into the gaming industry?
Do your best to identify what area of the industry you would like to get into, whether its 3D art, concept art, level design, programming, audio design etc. Once you know what your goal gather as much information as possible about the kind of things you need to learn or the kind of qualifications you’ll need. Start to build up a portfolio now and get your name out there on social media, and don’t be afraid to change your mind- I originally wanted to be a concept artist but through university found a new passion for creating 3D characters.

What do you love most about working in the industry?
Being involved in something bigger than myself, being creative and doing what I love every day

Why did you choose Kidderminster and in particular the course?
I knew to be an artist in the games industry was my goal and the course at Kidderminster college seemed like the most streamlined way of getting there. The course had a very good reputation and when I looked into it,  it touched on lots of different aspects of game design which I knew would only help strengthen my understanding of the industry I wanted to get into.

What were your highlights of studying at the college?
Without sounding too cheesy: the friends and happy memories I made, I felt like it was the perfect environment to grow both educationally and personally.

Can you give us an insight into what a typical day at work looks like for you?
The specifics of what I’m working on day to day change quite often but most often I am working on a piece of a 3D character, whether it be clothing, a head, a hairstyle or something gory. I’m basically just sat at a computer all day!  In terms of portfolio, my favourite piece is the one below.

The course

Hazel completed the level 3 Games Design course, find more information here.