Self-employed stylist Francesca Celeste, 26, has taken part in fashion events in London, Milan, Paris and New York, and has recently been selected to work alongside celebrity hairdresser Brendan O’ Sullivan.


Francesca is part of Brendan’s session styling team, where they style the hair of models for fashion shows

Francesca said: “It’s a really fun, buzzing atmosphere to work in. I work with a great team of super talented hairdressers from all over the UK.”

Francesca attended Wolverley High School, and later Kidderminster College where she studied hairdressing and worked at a salon on weekends.


Now, Francesca is known within the industry and has received world class training, placing high in prestigious competitions.

She currently holds the title of ‘Britain’s best at hair-up’ after ranking first in a National Hairdressing Federation competition.

Francesca was also made a L’Oréal professional ‘ID’ artist and has been flown to Barcelona by the company to receive performance training.

Francesca has worked for some big names in the fashion world including Celia Kritharioti and Vivienne Westwood, and has styled hair for The Apprentice contestant Anisa Topan and X Factor star and model Chloe Jasmine.

The stylist works at her garage salon at her home in Kidderminster, as well as renting space at The Alchemist Hair in the town, and she hopes to open her own luxury salon in the future.

Francesca said: “It’s all been amazing, a real dream come true. I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of my loyal clients and my super proud family, my mum, grandma and grandad, who have always taught me to have a strong work ethic. My grandad was a successful inventor and business man and it’s always been thought I should follow in his footsteps. Next year it will be back to Paris, London, Milan and New York, which I’m super excited about. Each time I learn more and more skills which I can bring back to the salon to use on my clients. The hair industry is booming and it’s a great trade to be a part of.I’m very fortunate to be where I am today.”