Work Experience

We aim to lay a strong foundation for your future at Kidderminster College. We focus on instilling confidence, providing valuable experience, and nurturing essential skill sets that will distinguish you when you pursue your dream career. As an integral part of all our #TeamKC courses, you'll have the opportunity to secure work experience placements or industry appointments through our dedicated Work Experience team.

Work Ex

Practical Application

Embarking on a work placement provides a valuable glimpse into the dynamics of your chosen industry, offering insights into how teams collaborate, workflows, and the distinctions between work life and school or college.

During your placement, you'll witness first-hand the significance of strong English, Math, and IT skills in the workplace.

Consider it a 'test drive' for your chosen career, allowing you to assess whether it aligns with your expectations and suitability and the necessary training to achieve your ultimate career goals. This experience will help you identify the work activities you enjoy, as well as those that may not align with your career path, enabling you to tailor your choices more effectively. 

Absorb new skills

You'll learn essential skills such as communication, teamwork, planning, organisation, punctuality, and problem-solving through your work placement. 

You'll gain valuable experience adapting to new environments and collaborating with unfamiliar colleagues, testing your ability to thrive in different settings. 

This experience will boost your confidence and allow you to take on more responsibilities independently. 

Improve your employability

Participating in a work placement provides you with valuable content to include on your CV and in job or course applications. It indicates your motivation for self-improvement and commitment to acquiring new skills and knowledge. 

Moreover, it offers rich conversation material for interviews, particularly if you need more prior experience in paid work. 

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