Electrical Workshop

The Electrical Workshop has all the necessary equipment students need to learn everything about electrics!

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Kidderminster College's Electrical Workshop comprises work bays, a classroom and test & inspection areas to provide the complete experience in gaining professional certification in your chosen trade. The work-bays provide an area where practical installation works can be carried out to industry standards. Students can complete practical assignments and then test & inspect to ensure regulatory standards have been met before connecting your new lighting or power circuit to the 230V electrical supply.

The classroom and test & inspection areas provide further space to develop personal learning and fault-finding skills on the many testing boards available to students. The centre provides a full-time store person to maintain a fully stocked store, holding a complete range of tools and materials required to be used and installed in line with real-life projects throughout the electrical industry.

Personal Protective Equipment is required to be worn in all work zones at all times to align with site regulations and health & safety standards. Courses are overseen by tutors experienced in electrical installation works in all aspects of domestic, commercial, and industrial trade areas. They are available to guide, advise, and demonstrate practical skills, answer questions, and explain technologies new to KC Electrical students.

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