CertHE Animal Management

Start Date: 2nd September 2024

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  • Length 2 Years
  • Study Full-Time
  • Location Kidderminster College

Qualification Gained

Foundation Degree in Animal Management

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This CertHE Animal Management will provide you with specialist work-related knowledge, understanding, and practical skills required in the animal management sector. You will study specialist units, taught by expert tutors who have worked in the industry.

From animal health, and welfare and husbandry to animal nutrition and animal behaviour and horse husbandry... you will learn to things you need to progress onto higher education and develop the skills you need to work in animal biology, zoology or animal behavior and welfare.

You will also study units such as Personal Development, Academic Study Skills, and Work-Related Learning which will help you to develop transferable skills to aid with progression in education and employment.

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What can I do with a qualification in Animal Management?

Daily tasks:

  • Maintains records, raises and forwards reports and certificates in compliance with current legislation.
  • Carries out expert witness work and undertakes teaching of veterinary students.
  • Performs ante-mortem inspection of animals destined for the food chain, and animal post-mortem examinations.
  • Performs tasks relating to food safety policy, regulation of veterinary drugs, quality control of veterinary products.
  • Euthanases old, sick, terminally ill and unwanted animals.
  • Investigates outbreaks of animal diseases and advises owners on feeding, breeding and general care.
  • Administers local or general anaesthetics and performs surgery.
  • Inoculates animals against communicable diseases.
  • Examines animals, diagnoses condition and prescribes and administers appropriate drugs, dressings, etc., and arranges or undertakes any necessary x-ray or other tests.

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Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Advises clients on preventative medicine to maintain appropriate animal health and welfare.
  • Maintains the biosecurity of the veterinary premises.
  • Cares for animals in hospital accommodation and keeps accurate records.
  • Collects and analyses blood, urine and other samples.
  • Handles animals during treatment.
  • Dispenses and administers medication and applies dressings to animals under direction from the veterinarian.
  • Prepares operating theatre, sterilises equipment and assists in theatre as required.
  • Assists the veterinary surgeon during surgical and medical treatments of animals.

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Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Patrols public areas to search for and capture stray or nuisance dogs, and transports captured animals to kennels.
  • Meets prospective owners and advises on animal selection and animal care.
  • Checks animals for illness, treats minor ailments or calls for vet if further treatment is required.
  • Houses, feeds, exercises, trains, grooms horses, dogs and other animals in preparation for entry to shows, races and other events.
  • Cleans animals.
  • Feeds, washes, grooms, trims and exercises animals.

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Median Salary

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Daily tasks:

  • Carries out maintenance on farm buildings, hedges, ditches and erects and repairs fences.
  • Moves and handles livestock and tends them during birth and rearing of young.
  • Treats minor ailments and assists veterinary surgeon as required.
  • Cleans barns, sheds, pens, yards, incubators and breeding units and sterilises milking and other equipment as necessary.
  • Weighs and measures foodstuffs, feeds animals and checks them for any signs of disease.
  • Cultivates growing crops by hoeing, spraying and thinning as necessary.
  • Operates farm machinery to prepare soil, fertilise and treat crops.

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Median Salary

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What can I do with a qualification in Animal Management?

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