KIT Day (Foundation)

Join our KIT Day and meet your new classmates!

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Join our KIT Day and meet your new classmates and tutors!

Our KIT Days provide you the chance to come into college, meet your new classmates and engage in activities related to your course, providing you with a taster of what's to come!


9:00am - 12:00pm

Life Skills

Vocational Studies


When you arrive, please report to reception where we will issue you your itinerary of the event and introduce you to your tutor.



Is KIT Day compulsory?

Yes, all applicants for 16 - 18 courses will need to attend so that you can start your KC Journey. It is also a great opportunity for you to meet your classmates and have a real taster of the course you have signed up for.


What if I am studying an Adults 19+, Apprenticeship or Higher Education course?

If you are studying a course in one of these study areas, you do not need to attend as KIT Days are for 16 - 18 course applicants. You will be contacted regarding when you will need to attend the college closer to the time of enrolment in August/September.


Where is my KIT Day session?

KIT Day sessions for all courses will take place at the main college campus on Market Street.

The main college campus is located on Market Street in Kidderminster. The postcode for the college is DY10 1AB.


Why is the course I am studying not on the list?

If you are studying a course that is not on the list, you do not need to attend as this KIT Day is for applicants who are studying one of our Foundation courses.


Do my parents or guardians need to attend?

No, this event is for our students however if you would like a parent or guardian to attend, please let us know by emailing:


How long will my KIT Day session last?

All KIT Day sessions will last 3 hours and will start promptly at the time stated.


What if I can’t attend?

If you are unable to attend, you will need to inform admissions of this.

Please email: to confirm this.

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