Kidderminster College have been taking part in the BRIT Challenge, with money donated going to the British Inspiration Trust (BRIT).

The theme this year is ’23’ and the aim is for teams and individuals to take part in activities related to the number ’23’.

Motor Vehicle students have been performing 23 car wheel changes within 23 minutes, Uniformed Public Services students have ran 23 miles in 1 day, the Senior Leadership Team have been cycling 23 miles across the week, hair and beauty students have been creating 23 different hair styles, 23 make-up styles and 23 sets of nail art…and much more!

The BRIT challenge invites UK universities, colleges, specialist colleges and Students’ Unions to unite to help improve mental health and fitness, all whilst raising funds for BRIT, and in 2023, the opportunity to choose one of twelve charities to support alongside BRIT. This collectively powerful approach is integral to their work to support young adult mental health in the short, medium and long-term.

They explain: “To enable us to deliver inspiration and encouragement to young adults and students who take part in their university or college BRIT Challenge, we are thrilled that Paralympians, Olympians, sports personalities, adventures and explorers are joining our BRIT Ambassador family to encourage participation, destigmatise mental health and champion equality, diversity and inclusion.”

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