Music Studios

Our Music studios give our students a real-life feel to producing music, providing them with independence to create songs and sounds!

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The Music department at Kidderminster College boasts three well-equipped rehearsal rooms of varying sizes (large, medium, and small), complemented by two small practice rooms. Each rehearsal space features essential equipment, including a vocal P.A. system, drum kit, bass amp, guitar amps, and a keyboard. While students are encouraged to bring their instruments, the college provides its own guitars. 

The large and medium-sized rehearsal rooms are connected to a control room equipped with an analogue recording desk, midi recording capabilities, and Mac computers running Logic music software. Additionally, two separate studios facilitate midi recording using Logic. For D.J./Electronica/EDM enthusiasts, the 'Synth' room offers a comprehensive setup, featuring CDJ Pioneer decks/mixer, an electronic drum kit, a variety of synthesisers, and an acoustic upright piano—all seamlessly integrated through a Mac computer using Logic music software.

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