Work Experience Works

You will develop your transferable skills

Communication, reliability, punctuality, time keeping and leadership.

You can test your career choice

You can experience the working environment and reinforce your career goal.

You can develop your practical and professional skills

You can apply the skills you are developing on your course and learn new processes to enhance your learning.

You can become more employable

Employers will see that you are motivated and keen to develop and learn new skills.

You could gain further work

Work experience placements can lead to a paid position so it is important to set a good impression

You can broaden your industry contacts

You will work with and meet new people and establish new contacts that could help with future job opportunities.

Impress at an interview

Whether it is a college, university or job interview being able to talk about previous work experience placements could give you the edge over others.

Develop academic motivation and performance

Returning from a successful placement will motivate you to succeed in your studies and achieve the result you want.

Establish a work history

Work experience should be included in your CV.

It is a great thing to do

Enjoy the time to try something new and meet new people.

  • Be prepared, ensure you know the company name and address


  • Who do you need to report to and what time will you start and finish work?


  • Have a reliable way to get to placement and ensure you give yourself enough time in the morning


  • Be punctual, set your alarm so you get up on time


  • Try and have breakfast and start the day in a positive way


  • Ensure you have a wash and look presentable for your day at work


  • Wear appropriate clothes for the workplace you are in, this will be discussed before you start your placement


  • Ensure you take lunch or have money to buy something if you are at work all day


  • Ask for help if you are unsure, don’t be afraid to ask relevant questions because the employer will see you are keen to learn


  • Inform the employer if you have any medical/personal issues they need to be aware of


  • Report any accident or injury to the employer


  • Follow health and safety information and procedures


  • Do not use your mobile phone on placement unless given permission by the employer


  • Do not post information about your work experience employer or colleagues on social media


  • Be reliable but if you are unable to attend placement, contact the employer at least 30 minutes before your start time and contact the College absence line/eNotify


  • Finally, enjoy the experience!

Why do I need to go on a work experience placement?

You will gain valuable life skills and be able to apply your knowledge and skills in a working environment.

How can I find a work placement?

Carry out research on companies that you would like to work with, ask family and friends but if you are not able to find a placement employer then the work experience team will support you to find a suitable employer.

How will my placement work?

If you can find an employer that is willing to support your work experience placement then this information can be sent to college staff via the CONNECT student app.

CONNECT is a software package that Kidderminster College uses to track and monitor work placements. You will be invited to download the app to your mobile device, this will allow you to manage your work experience placement.

When the information is received, the company will be contacted and health and safety checks completed before your placement is agreed. The dates, times and all the final arrangements will be confirmed and you will work with the company for the duration of your placement.

You will be required to complete work experience questionnaires before and after the placement and some courses require you to keep a diary/logbook of your daily duties and the skills developed.

College staff will keep in contact with you and the employer to ensure the experience is positive and rewarding.

What support will I receive during my placement?

College staff will support you during the entire process. You can ask questions and raise any concerns to ensure you feel confident and ready for work experience.

In the workplace, you will have a member of staff who you can report to and ask any questions. They will provide you with an induction, so you become familiar with the company procedures and feel welcomed. The employer will understand that you may have questions and will be ready to help and support you.

What will I need to wear?

This will depend on the type of industry and the company requirements; it will be discussed before you start on placement and you can talk with the employer.

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