Work Experience [Employer]

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If you are willing to offer a work placement then please contact a member of the work experience team. They are here to help, discuss what is involved and how it will work for you.

Employers Liability Insurance

The College has a duty of care to protect learners so we must ensure that the company holds Employers Liability Insurance and we would ask for a copy of the insurance certificate which will be kept on file.

Premises Health & Safety Checklist

It will be necessary for a nominated person within the company to complete a Kidderminster College Premises Health & Safety Checklist, this records the measures in place to protect the learner and shows that the premises have been adequately risk assessed to provide a safe and healthy environment.

KC support and guidance

Kidderminster College staff are available to assist in the completion of the form and can provide support and guidance. The arrangements for the work placement will be discussed and finalised; it may be necessary to carry out a site visit to ensure that you are happy with all the plans.

Company Induction

We would ask that the learner receives a company induction on their first day, so they feel welcomed and understand the company procedures and what is expected of them. It would be helpful if the learner has a member of staff they can report to and ask questions.

Keeping in Touch

We feel it is extremely important to maintain good communication links and throughout the process we will keep in touch to ensure that any questions or concerns are dealt with promptly and to check on the learner’s progress and attitude. You will be asked to verify the learner’s attendance and provide feedback at the end of the process; this appraisal will support the learner’s personal development and the work experience programme.

Interested in offering a work placement?

Interested in offering a work placement?
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