What You Type Has An Impact 04/05/2021

You don’t need us to tell you that we live in an online, digital world. If we need to find out something, we google it, if we need to chat to someone, we get out our smartphone, if we want to see what our favourite influencer or celeb is up to, we go to social.

When used for good, the internet can change the world in a positive way. Unfortunately, not everyone is kind online. Even generally kind people can find themselves being dismissive, rude, snarky or mean with the cover of anonymity on the internet.

Here’s a quick overview of some essential Netiquette:

Would You Say It Face To Face?

Before typing a message or response to someone, think about how you would react if they were sitting right in front of you, instead of at their keyboard across the world wide web

Name-calling, cursing, expressing deliberately offensive opinions—if you wouldn’t do it to the face of anyone who might conceivably see what you write, don’t write it. This goes for any social media site, forum, chat room, or email message, even if you think it can’t be traced back to you. It can. Remember that your posts are public. They can be read by your friends, your parents, or your college or your employer.

Think; if you were to receive this comment how would you have felt?

Think About Who Can See What You Have Shared

Privacy settings are a simple way to restrict who can see what you are sharing, but even with them in place nothing is ever truly private online. Make sure you keep as much of your personal information off the internet as possible and never share anything inappropriate or that may get you into trouble.

Remember you are only as private as your much public friend.

Don’t Pile On

It can be tempting to add your two cents to the online chatter, but does it really help or move the conversation forward? Try to avoid contributing negative comments. You might be angry, but that doesn’t mean that you should be cruel. 

Online Is Forever

Your online presence will follow you throughout your life, we’ve seen it in the news, online comments people have made in the past come back to haunt them. 

One of the first things potential employers do now is google you. Yep. They pop your name into the search bar and see what comes up. So all your socials, that blog you’re writing, everything will be there for them to see.  Keep this in mind when you’re posting online. 

Online Harassment is Illegal In The UK.

If you’re experiencing online harassment or abuse, please talk to someone. KC have a dedicated Safeguarding Team who are always on hand to listen. You can ask for them at Reception, or drop them a email on: stayingsafe@kidderminster.ac.uk 

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