What to do if your drink has been spiked 21/10/2021

What to do if...

You think your drink has been spiked

We’re introducing our new series ‘Play it Safe’ which highlights hints, tips, and useful information to keep our College staff and students safe.

We should all have the privilege of feeling safe in our surroundings, but this isn’t always the case. Although it shouldn’t be on the individual to take precautions to keep themselves safe, we think it’s important to minimise any risk and we, therefore, encourage people at KC to try and keep themselves as safe as possible.

Each week we will look into a different topic on what to do if…

Each person can feel different effects when getting their drink spiked. The common symptoms include; loss of memory, vomiting and confusion.

If you think you have been spiked it’s important to tell someone and to report the incident to a trusted adult or the police.

If you suspect that your friend has had their drink spiked. It’s important that you stay with them and if their symptoms worsen call the ambulance.

People who have been sexually assaulted while intoxicated may find it difficult to contact police or ask for professional help because they feel guilt or shame, or are afraid they will not be believed.

Get support even if you can’t remember exactly what happened. Some drugs used in drink spiking can cause short-term memory loss.

Drug-assisted sexual assault, like all sexual assault, is a crime. Police, health workers and sexual assault services are there to hear your story and help you.

There are a few things you can do if you suspect you or someone else has had their drink spike.

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