Welcome to the KC Blog 07/04/2020


It’s been a while in the making, but here we are, a #TeamKC blog! And it really couldn’t come at a better time; we’re all working or studying from home, morale isn’t exactly high amongst the population and we all have a little extra time on our hands!


We’ve been wanting to share more than just KC NEWS with you for awhile, being part of #TeamKC is not just about celebrating the fact you’ve found your place with us, it’s about the journey and the after as well! We wanted to create a platform where we can share advice, tutorials, How-To’s, stuff that you’ll find interesting and helpful in the long run, not just whilst your at college.

We also wanted to create a platform that you can contribute to (and get your contribution recognised), where we can get guest writers in to share their experiences and advice, where you can find a different, un-biased and informed opinion about what’s going on in the world right now and how to manage it.


With that in mind, if you fancy contributing; if you’ve got a topic you’re an expert on, advice that has seen you through some hard times or even just a project (photos, make-up tutorials, artwork etc) you want to show off, we want to hear from you! Drop our Marketing Team an email on marketing@kidderminster.ac.uk with your ideas and they’ll be in touch!

Lets start something.



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