Play it Safe 15/10/2021

'Play It Safe'

We’re introducing our new series ‘Play it Safe’ which highlights hints, tips, and useful information to keep our College staff and students safe.

We should all have the privilege of feeling safe in our surroundings, but this isn’t always the case. Although it shouldn’t be on the individual to take precautions to keep themselves safe, we think it’s important to minimise any risk and we, therefore, encourage people at KC to try and keep themselves as safe as possible.

Each week we will look into a different topic on what to do if…

Buddy Up

When walking home in the dark opt for a buddy system and ask a friend or peer to walk with you. Find someone who lives close to your home and do the commute together.

Plan your route

Make sure you plan your route home in advance. If you are walking in an unfamiliar area, this can help keep you from getting lost. If you do get lost, don’t wander aimlessly – find a shop or restaurant and ask for directions. Make sure your journey home is well lit and that someone knows that you are walking home and what time to expect you. 

Call someone

It can be useful to speak to someone on the phone during your walk home. This will give you the confidence to walk home safely, you can also let the person on the other end of the phone know exactly where you are during your journey. 

Trust your gut

Always trust your gut! If you feel an area or situation may be dangerous, don’t wait around to find out. Stop and scan your surroundings if you think someone is following you. If you are being followed, walk as quickly as you can to a well-lit public place. Wait until you feel safe, call a friend, taxi or ask for help in the nearest pub, shop, or restaurant. 

We're always here

We’re always here to listen at KC and can put a plan in place or offer any advice about staying safe. Don’t be afraid to contact the team! 

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