Former KC Student Hits The Airwaves 31/01/2022

Emily Nash

By now, you’ll have certainly heard of Emily Nash; and if you haven’t heard her by name, then you’ll have certainly caught her songs on BBC Radio One!

Former KC Student Emily Nash is taking the electronic world by storm with her feel-good commercial house tracks AND she has been signed to label giant Ministry of Sound.

We were lucky enough to snag an interview with her, just after her latest single, Garden, dropped!

Hi Emily! Wow what a couple of weeks you’ve had!? Congrats on the drop of your latest song! We’ve been hearing it on the radio all week and couldn’t be prouder!

Ahhh amazing thank you so much!!

What course did you study at KC and why did you choose KC?

I studied Music Production, I didn’t get a high enough Maths GCSE so I was unable to go to sixth form and then I came to Kidderminster College and they asked what I was interested in and I said Music and then they put me in Music Production to see what I thought of it but I loved it so much and chose to carry on with it!

What were your high points from college?

I think just enjoying the course and having lovely teachers my main teacher was Alec at the time and it’s got me to where I am now!

How did the course help you get to where you are?

It taught me all sorts about music production and also the business side of music which was really introducing so then I entered the music industry with quite a bit of information which helped massively.

How was your college experience?

I really enjoyed it!

What's been one of your biggest challenges since leaving college?

I haven’t really had any challenges, sometimes it’s hard to get music signed to the right label but with patience it eventually happens!

What's been the highlight of your career so far?

Playing Leeds & Creamfields and also getting the text off a friend of family member to say you’re on Radio 1 right now! I don’t think I will get use to it.

What's a day in your life like right now?

It’s very busy but also very fun and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I really enjoy it!

What career advice would you give our students who are thinking about breaking into the industry?

I’d say just never give up. Sometimes you’ll have days and you think ugh why am I doing this nothing will ever come out of it. But it’s just patience and time and eventually it will all fall into place.

Make sure you follow Emily on all of her socials, and keep listening to the radio to catch one of her feel-good songs!

We're beyond proud of Emily and everything she has achieved so far, it's amazing to hear a member of KC's work being played across the airwaves!

If you’re interested in checking out the course that started it all for Emily Nash, you can read the full spec HERE.

KC also offer HND/FDA Music Courses, you can find out all the info HERE

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