Character Artist Hazel Brown Pops By KC 16/02/2022

Character Artist and Former KC Student Drops Into KC

Hazel Brown, who used to study with KC (you can check out our Spotlight on her HERE) popped into KC to talk about her career progression from Junior Artist to Character Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Hazel was kind enough to pop in and have a chat with our students, helping them develop their Portfolios and give them a little career advice!

A Character Artist Career Timeline:

We’re obviously so proud of Hazel’s journey, here’s a breakdown of how she got to where she is today:

KC Games Design Level 3

Whilst at KC, Hazel studied on our Games Design Level 3 programme where she learnt: 3D modelling, Game design, Concept art, Digital games art, Traditional art, Games engines, Animation and Games testing

Games Art at DeMonfort University

Combining creativity and knowledge of specialist technology, coupled with strong industry links, you will graduate with the skills required for roles as an environment artist, character artist, lead artist, technical artist or director. It’s a common myth that is you study a Vocational Qualification, you won’t be able to go on to University, or that you’ll limit your options. Sometimes, because of the practical and work-environment based work you complete, it actually gives you the edge! You can find out more about the course Hazel took HERE

Junior Character Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Character Artists undertake the task of transforming 2D illustrations into 3D models with a skeletal framework, functioning limbs and finished texture. The role of the Character Artist in live action and animated features is to create concept art based on the script and develop it throughout the production process.

Character Artist at Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

Character designers visualise and create the look of individual characters. They work from descriptions given to them by the director. These might include notes on a character’s personality as well as physical traits. Character designers take inspiration from the script and concept art to design characters. They communicate the characters’ personalities through artwork of facial expressions and physical poses.

And it all started with a course at KC

Here at KC, we’re no stranger to our former students popping in to visit! All of our qualifications are taught by industry professionals, who are still experts in their field! Our qualifications combine practical lessons with real life work experience, so whether you head on to uni or straight into a job, you’ll already have all the skills you need to ace your future!

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