KC Accounting and Business Head to Worcester University 07/01/2022

A&B take a look at Worcester Uni

You know that studying a Vocational Education is the perfect route to University right? In fact, focusing three years on on subject can strengthen your application! Our KC Accounting and Business students were given the opportunity to take a tour of Worcester University City Campus the other day.

Deciding on a University...

Much like choosing a college, deciding on which University you want to go to after you’ve finished with KC is all about research. You need to head out to the campus, take a look around, meet the lecturers and get a real feel for the place, you need to identify what you’re after in a course, how it fits into your career plan or passions, your course needs to inspire you! Deciding where to go is all about working out what is the right thing for you and keeping your options open. It’s important to make the decision for yourself; not your friends or family. These next steps are all about what YOU want to do. 

Take a tour

Our KC students took a tour of the state-of-the art teaching spaces The University of Worcester offers and took park in a introduction to the Finance and Accounting Course offered at the University, quizzing the lecturers about what the course offers, what is studied and how it’s structured.

They also had the opportunity to talk to the Course Leader of Accounting and Finance, who discussed ‘the university route’ into the profession, as well as covering what Accounting and Finance looks like at Worcester Business School.

They then took part in some valuable team-building; they went bowling!

It's all about research

It’s vital to gather as much information as you can when you’re progressing and starting a new chapter.

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