Making KC Work For You [NEW STARTER GUIDE] 10/08/2020

So as you can imagine, KC isn’t like school. Here, you get a lot more independence, you make your own decisions, you’re responsible for carving out your own future. But we’re on hand to help and guide you, always!

Your time at KC is what you make of it, you’re starting your future, you’re finding your place in this great big world. We’ll give you the tools, but the rest is up to you! 

Before you start, check out our KC ONLINE HUB, we’ve created it so you can get into the swing of things before you come through our doors; it’s got resources, contact info and kit lists; everything you need to prepare for your time with us!

To go along with the ONLINE HUB, we’ve put together a handy HOW-TO guide to help you get to grips with and excel whilst being at KC. 


We know this is a no-brainer, but go to your lessons. You’re here to take the next steps towards your future, and getting there is all about learning, building new skills and gaining confidence. Whether it’s an online tutorial or a practical class in the KC buildings, show up. Our tutors provide valuable information and advice to help prepare you for your life ahead. 

You’ll regret it later if you slack off, especially if your performance prevents you from landing your dream job.

Don’t waste your future, turn up. 


One of the best things about coming to KC is that it puts you in contact with so many new people, which can be a little daunting at first, but remember, everyone is in the same boat! Learn from each other and share experiences because it’ll make you a more rounded person and equip you with the skills needed to work with all kinds of people in the outside world.


Our Student Services team offer a whole host of activities and enrichment days; whether it’s learning sign language or how to code, it could be talks from professionals, stalls from local businesses and charities, there’s always something going on at KC. 

We’d definitely recommend you look at joining our Student Voice, this is our student council, this time in your life is all about changing the world and making your voice matter – now is the time to be heard.


Here’s another reason you should go to lessons. Your tutors will definitely notice if they never see you and you want to build strong relationships with them; ask questions if you’re unsure, ask for a bit of extra help if there’s something you don’t quite get, they won’t bite!

There’s no ‘Sir’ or ‘Miss’ at KC. You’ll be on a first name basis with our staff, just like you will when you get into the world of work, so get to know them a bit. 


You’ll find out quickly that being at college is very different to being at school; you’re responsible for your study time. Check out our blog post on TIPS FOR MANAGING YOUR TIME MANAGE YOUR TIME  or drop our Learning Resource Centre Team an email; they’ll be happy to help create something that will work for you! 


Everyone needs a bit of help from time to time; whether it’s someone to talk to, an extra lesson or some advice. Don’t be scared to ask for help; it’s what KC are here for; have a chat with your tutor or our Student Services Team, it’s their job to be there and support you. Don’t go it alone if something is bothering you. Okay?


Enjoy yourself, you’re starting something exciting here at KC, it’s an amazing time in your life, so every so often, just stop for a moment and remember that!


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