How to stay safe over the New Year 07/12/2022

New Year’s Eve can be an exciting night. Everyone is in high spirits, waiting for the clock to strike midnight. But there are many dangers on this night that young people must be aware of. For example, New Year’s Eve is considered the most dangerous time to be on the road than any other day due to the increase likelihood of drink drivers. So, what can you do to stay safe over the New Year?

Things to be aware of if you’re going out

People celebrate New Year’s Eve in different ways, but many people go out to bars and clubs to celebrate. However, there is an increased chance of things happening to you if you go out. These include:

  • theft of personal items
  • spiking
  • sexual assault
  • increased risk of getting injured
  • increased risk of getting on the wrong side of the law

Sometimes accidents happen, but if other people are involved, it’s hard to control the situation in a way that you are comfortable with. This is where it is best to take precautions to prevent the risk in the first place.

Be prepared for…

Theft – make sure all your valuables are kept in a secure bag close to your body. A bag with a difficult clasp can help deter people from prying. Keep checking through the night that you have everything, and that your phone is fully charged so you can contact people if something is wrong.

Spiking – ensure you keep an eye on your drink the whole time. Don’t leave it unattended, or with someone you don’t know. It’s better to drink out of a bottle where you can, however there are now items you can purchase online, like a cup cap that can help cover your drink. Find out more about symptoms of spiking and what to do here.

Sexual assault – make sure you trust the people you are going out with fully but trust your instincts. Stick together the whole night, and ensure they are aware of your location if you lose each other. Make sure that you all get home safely and together. It’s better to arrange your transport home early so you’re not waiting ages. If there has been an assault, report it to a bouncer or police officer. If you need to walk home, read more on our tips for staying safe walking in the dark here.

Injury – to prevent accidents, wear comfortable, flat shoes to walk in. Try not to drink too much to prevent alcohol poisoning and alcohol related injuries, and don’t take anything that you don’t know. Be aware of your surroundings – move away from people who are becoming verbally or physically violent in case things get serious. Be vigilant in case there is anyone suspicious around who may have bad intentions. Report anything to the police that will need their attention. To prevent injury to others, do not drive home after drinking. Pre-book a taxi and collect your car the next day.

Law breaking – it’s best to not do anything that is illegal in general, but on New Year’s Eve, the Police will be stretched to their limit anyway. Don’t drink and drive or take any drugs. This can cause injury to yourself but to innocent people also. If you feel threatened, it’s best to walk away and calm yourself down. The last thing you need to be in a jail for the rest of the night. Whilst it’s easy to get carried away, it’s better to just walk away.

For anyone staying in

Not everyone likes to go out on New Year’s Eve. It can be expensive and too overwhelming. But staying inside requires some safety knowledge too.

Drinks – just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean you can go crazy with the drinks. If you’re throwing a party, make sure you know your guests in case there is any spiking incidents. If there are any young children around, be aware that they may try to take a sip of your drinks. Just a little bit of alcohol can poison a small child.

Fireworks – lots of people will be setting off fireworks. If you’ve not used them before, think about whether it’s worth it. See whether any neighbours will be using them so you can watch from the safety of your own home. If you do want to use them, make sure you have the space, and know how to do it safely. If sparklers are more your thing, have a bucket of water nearby for people to use, and make sure there is plenty of space to use them.

Social media – you may not have anything planned for New Year’s Eve and seeing other people online celebrating can take its toll if you feel like you’re missing out. Take some time away from your phone and watch a movie or play some board games with your family. Arrange a phone call or FaceTime with a family member or friends to catch up. If you’re struggling mentally, find some online resources to help you cope. Find out how to cope with loneliness here.


NHS – 111

Police – 101

For emergencies – 999

MIND – Mental health charity hotline

Counselling hotlines:

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