Handling First Day Nerves [IN THIS TOGETHER] 27/08/2020


We totally get that it can all be a bit much, first days are the pits sometimes, you’re nervous, it’s all new, your anxiety is through the roof! But it’s all okay! Check out our handy tips on squashing your first day nerves!

First, and most importantly. Remember, you’re not alone feeling like this, and it’s totally normal! You won’t be the only new student walking through our doors. Try and treat it like any other day, because soon it will be part of your routine, you won’t be the newbie forever! This is the first step towards your future, it would be weird if you weren’t even a little bit nervous!

Are you ready for your latest adventure?!


The night before, get everything organised and go to bed early. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow; we don’t have a uniform at college, so pick something out that you feel comfortable and happy in. Make sure to pack your bag as well, getting everything ready beforehand will take some of the panic out of tomorrow and give you a bit of time in the morning to relax.


Your body’s a great mirror for how your mind is, so if your body is tense and anxious, there’s a good chance it’s because that’s how you’re feeling. So relax. Loosen your shoulders. Breathe naturally. Listen to your body, and when you feel it becoming tense or tightening up, make a deliberate choice to loosen up and relax. This is great thing to to start doing; it will prepare you for job interviews and handling new experiences that may be out your comfort zone.


You’ll be meeting a lot of new people and forming new friendship groups whilst you’re with us. Remember to just be yourself, there will always be people who share your interests, music tastes or style. Keep an eye out for them and go and say hi. There will lots of chances for you to meet other people at college; whether it’s in your class or taking up one of our enrichment activities, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen straight away.

You’ll have already seen your tutor and your classmates via our KC Online Induction, so a few faces may be familiar to you, which is ace!


KC have exclusively partnered with the mental fitness app FIKA, and boy is it good! With tutorials, advice and an online community, it’s full of tips to help with anxiety, combat nerves and how to make new friends. 

You can register using your new KC email, head over to our other BLOG POST for all the details!


We said this at the start, and simply put, new is scary. That’s just how it should be. If it wasn’t scary, it would mean you’ve done it all before or are simply following to the letter what someone else has already carved out. And that doesn’t sound like much fun at all, right

Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree when you’re in a new situation where the outcome is uncertain, so the fear you feel about starting at college is just your brain doing what it’s supposed to do. 

Think back to the beginning of lockdown, when everything was so new and different…it’s normal now isn’t it? You’ll feel the same being at KC. 


Don’t forget to  enjoy yourself, you’re starting an awesome journey here at KC. Yeah, it’s new, but it’s also a new chapter in your life…you’re about to start writing it.

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