Five Tips For Managing Your Time At KC [HACKS] 10/08/2020

This is a short, but sweet blog post for you guys!

Because college is really quite different to school, we thought we’d give you some insider hacks on how to manage your time! It’s an awesome idea to start this straight away as it prepares you for the rest of your life! There’s coming to come a time when you’ve got a job, so it’s great to learn how to balance everything now!

  • WORK OUT HOW BEST YOU LEARNLearning Style Quiz  We all learn in different ways; so once you’ve worked out how you do it best, use it! Some people find writing things down help, others prefer to type it out; just make sure you record it. Assignment deadlines, important announcements…the sort of stuff that you promise yourself you’ll remember but actually forget. You can even use your phone for this; pull up your calendar and add in key dates or find an app that will help you project manage your assignment. 


  • CREATE A WEEKLY TO DO LIST – This will help so much! Planning your week will take a lot of stress out of life;  not only will it help you keep track of your lessons, homework and assignments, it’ll help you manage your day. Pop in when you plan to wake up, add in some down time to relax, plan when you’re going to do your assignments, it’ll help you see what you need to do over the week and when it needs to be done by


  • GET INTO A ROUTINE  – A set routine can really help you accomplish the things you want to do. Maybe it’s just a case of doing an hour of coursework then watching a film or TV show every night or putting your clothes out the previous night if you’re going into college the next day. Get into the habit and you’ll be doing it without thinking soon enough, saving you time and stress!


  • CREATE A STUDY SPACE – Whether it’s in our LRC, a desk at home or even the garden (when it’s sunny obviously) create an area where you feel you can look back over your notes from the day; listen to your favourite music, use your favourite stationary, close down social media and get stuck in, even if it’s only for half an hour.


  • ASK FOR HELP- If you’re stuck, ASK. If you don’t quite get something, ask your tutor to go through it again with you or suggest a way to help you remember it. Don’t suffer in silence. That’s silly. You’re part of KC, and we’re here to help. 
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