Fika – Mental Fitness 01/01/2023


Keeping on top of your mental health can be hard at the best of times, yet alone during lockdown. At #TeamKC, our priority is you, so we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with @thefikaapp to provide all our staff and students with remote mental fitness support.

Created over two years with students, athletes, influencers, expert psychologists and academics. Fika is designed specifically to help students learn practical mental fitness approaches and hacks and how to apply them to their everyday lives so they can thrive whilst studying and beyond.  

In response to the global Covid-19 pandemic Fika has created a dedicated series of programmes allowing students to learn from expert psychologists, other students, academics and professional athletes in five-minute video, audio and text programmes.  

These are specifically designed to help combat the challenges of remote study and the mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Programmes and audio guides cover topics including managing distractions and uncertainty, maintaining motivation and positivity, staying connected, self-care and healthy habits. 

You can download it from the Apple App Store HERE

You can download it for Android HERE


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