Choosing the right course for you 16/10/2020

There is a lot of pressure when it comes to deciding on which College Course to do after school.

There’s so much out there, so many different options and routes, so many different career paths you could follow, there can be the added stress of maybe what your parents or guardians want you to do, what your friends are doing, and where your school want you to go; it can be rather overwhelming!

First off, DO NOT STRESS. Read that again. DO. NOT. STRESS. Some people know exactly what they want to do after school, they have a career planned out and have a good idea of the route they want to take. But, some of us, have no idea whatsoever. Our biggest piece of advice would be: Do what you enjoy. Take a look at your passions, what you like doing, do some research and see what sort of career suggestions come up. Then work backwards; what do you need to have under your belt in order to achieve this potential goal, what sort of experience do you need to start build on. Then look at what FE college courses are out there.

Here at KC, we specialise in Vocational Qualifications, which are work-ready courses that give you real life experience, are taught by trade professionals and are taught in a work-environment.

Take a look at the KC Infographic for a bit of help on how to choose your College Course.

We promise there is a College Course out there for you! If you’re really not sure what course you want to do, take a look at our Career Coach which matches your passions and the local job market with the perfect qualification for you!

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