#BlackHistoryMonth – What is it? 01/10/2020

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jnr, Muhammed Ali, Langston Hughes, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Hale Williams…some of these names you may of heard of. Some you probably haven’t. But you should know about them. Because these people are part of our history, our present and our future. They changed and continue to change the world we live in, for the better. As a part of the human race, we have a duty to not shy away from what has happened and what is happening. We have a duty as human beings to be the change. To learn from the past. To carve out a more equal future.

What is #BlackHistoryMonth?

#BlackHistoryMonth is celebrated every October here in the UK. It provides an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the life-changing contributions that those of African descent have made to the world.Throughout history black people have always been present in the UK but there has been a lack of representation in the history books, this month brings it to the forefront.

Why is #BlackHistoryMonth important?

Black history is important because black history is American history, it’s UK history, it’s the world’s history. It is not a separate subject. Black History Month highlights black history so that we can to continue to understand how black narratives are tightly woven and integrated into the narrative of the world as a whole.

Events following the death of George Floyd in the USA have sparked outrage throughout the world, with demonstrations against racial inequality organised in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Conversations on social media and beyond have highlighted the importance of education in defeating racism. While our history curricula include events such as the slave trade and the civil rights movement, the subject is most prominent during Black History Month. 

So those names that you don’t recognise at the top of this article? They matter. Change happened because of them. And change is important in order to grow.

What are KC doing for #BlackHistoryMonth?

Over October we’re going to be showcasing key Black History figures, stories and events. So keep an eye on our socials, keep an eye on our blog and feel free to drop us a comment!

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