Be a better listener 23/07/2021

Talk To US

This July, The Samaritans continue their annual Talk to us campaign.

“Whether it’s a virtual chitchat, or a picnic in the park, Talk to Us is one of the ways we raise awareness that we’re here – for anyone who needs someone to listen, 24/7, without judgement or pressure”.

This month Samartians are not only promoting their services to those who need to talk, but also encourage others to become better listeners.

Why should I become a better listener?

“Becoming a better listener can help you support loved ones who may be struggling to cope. It can also help improve your relationships with family, friends, and colleagues. You could help your loved ones open up about how they’re feeling by making some small changes to the way you listen”.

How do I become a better listener?

Listen without being distracted

“Try things like making eye contact, putting your phone away and focusing completely on the other person. If you’re talking to someone on the phone, try doing it in a quiet place”.

Listen without interrupting

“Try and remember that pauses are fine, you don’t need to jump in and fill a silence. Resist putting your own interpretation on what the other person is saying, and repeat back what they say so it shows you’re listening”.

Check-in on loved ones

“Why not try adding reminders to your calendar or phone, to check in with loved ones once or twice a week. Don’t give up, sometimes it can take a few tries to get someone to open up about how they’re feeling”.

Want to talk to someone?

Talk to our staff and tutors about any worries or concerns you have. 

We also have a College counselling service: or book in with

Have a safety concern about yourself or someone else, let us know:

Need support? Call 116 123 to speak to a Samaritan or

view other ways to get in touch

At Kidderminster College We’re pledging to become a better listener this July for @samaritans awareness campaign, because listening could save a life #WeListen.

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