Kidderminster College is committed to promoting equality and accessibility in all of our activities.

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Our website has been built with accessibility in mind. This means you can easily customise the look of the website to suit your own needs and preferences. Find out how to change basic appearance settings in some common browsers below (alternative commands for Mac users are included in brackets).
Customizing Using Internet Explorer
• Change text size – View > Text Size.

• Change colours and font style – Tools > Internet Options > Colours or Fonts.

• Disable images – Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > scroll down to Multimedia > untick the box labelled ‘Show pictures’.

• Disable JavaScript – Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > scroll down to Scripting > select Disable for Active Scripting.
Customizing Using Firefox
• Change text size – View > Zoom > click on Zoom Text Onlythen go to View > Zoom > Zoom In (Ctrl++).

• Change colours and font style – Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > Advanced and Colors.

• Disable images – Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > untick the ‘Loads images automatically’ box.

• Disable JavaScript – Tools (Firefox) > Options (Preferences) > Content > untick the ‘Enable JavaScript’ box.
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• Change font size – page menu icon (Safari) > Zoom > click on Zoom Text Only then go to page menu icon (Safari) > Zoom > Zoom In (Ctrl++).

• Change font style or upload style sheet – settings icon (Safari) > Preferences > Appearance or Advanced.

• Disable images -settings icon (Safari) > Preferences > Appearance > untick the ‘Display images when page opens’ box.

• Disable JavaScript – (Safari) > Preferences > Security > untick the ‘Enable JavaScript’ box.
Customizing Using Google Chrome
• Change font size – settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Font Size.

• Change font style- settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Customise Fonts.

• Disable images – settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Content settings… > select ‘Do not show any images’.

• Disable JavaScript – settings icon (Chrome) > Options (Preferences) > Under the Hood > Content settings… > select ‘Do not allow any site to run JavaScript’.

If you would like to request a paper-copy of any of our pages featured on this website, please contact marketing@kidderminster.ac.uk 


Thank you for all your hard work this year and your continued efforts in very unusual circumstances. We do hope you feel well supported by the College in this period of home learning.

We have now heard from the official body Ofqual about how your GCSE exam grades in English and maths will be determined. This is explained in this STANDARD LETTER and we would encourage you all to read it, and to share it with your parents/carers where appropriate.

Your grades will be based on your classroom work and assessments completed since September and your progress reviews to date. They will also be guided by your English or maths tutor, who knows you best and knows how hard you’ve worked. Very specific guidance will be followed by the teachers in this respect to ensure consistency across the country.

Your English and maths tutors will continue to be in touch with you, and to set work, up to the point when grades are to be submitted and you should continue to work on your English and maths until this point.

It may be tempting to ask your teacher or tutor about your potential grades or about the work that they will be doing to determine them, HOWEVER, YOU SHOULD NOT DO SO. They will not be able to discuss this with you, and the grades will be confidential and subject to Ofqual processes and checks before the release date in the summer.

Once the grades have been released in the summer anyone unhappy with their result will have the opportunity to appeal.

Please refer back to our UPDATES page for any FAQ’s you may have.