Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Our Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeship is designed to meet the skill needs of employers by attracting new talent and/or helping to up skill your existing workforce. The course aims to provide apprentices with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to undertake relevant tasks to their job role and course providing the essentials to becoming an integral part of your team.

 Apprentices will learn both on and off the job how to carry out routine light vehicle maintenance and inspections including servicing, repairing and replacing faulty parts and maintaining records.
Not only do Apprenticeships offer people the chance to kick-start a fulfilling career, there are a wealth of benefits for businesses.

Offering an apprenticeship to new or existing staff gives businesses the chance to play an active role in moulding their future workforce and creating the future skills that they need to help their businesses grow. Providing these opportunities builds strong employee loyalty as well as maintaining highly skilled staff.


Intermediate ( Level 2)

Advanced ( Level 3)


An Intermediate Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair lasts 24 months

An Advanced Apprenticeship in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair lasts 24 months


The qualifications are delivered through weekly day release, assessment in the workplace and self-study.
Functional skills delivery may vary


An apprentice must be:

Employed for a minimum of 30 hours.
Paid at least the minimum apprentice wage, currently £3.70 per hour.
Allowed 20% of their contracted hours to be used for off-the-job Training.


If you employ a 16-18 year old you may be entitled to £1000 government incentive.