Terminology Explained

Terminology Explained

End Point Assessment (EPA)

What is an End Point Assessment EPA?

The EPA is designed to test whether each apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the Apprenticeship standard, at the end of their apprentice training they will be required to go through an EPA gateway. This will be conducted by an organisation independent to the college, the apprentice will need to be deemed competent in order to achieve their Apprenticeship. Typically, the apprentice will be required to build a portfolio of evidence which will be discussed during the EPA.

EPA requirements differ subject to Apprenticeship programmes, you will be advised accordingly.

20% Off the job training

Off-the-job training is defined as any activity that is not part of an apprentice’s day-to-day role which supports their apprenticeship training.

Off-the-job training must make up at least 20% of an apprentice’s normal working hours. This is a requirement for all apprenticeships and gives the apprentice dedicated time to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required by the programme.

Managers and apprentices must understand and identify the activities that count towards off-the-job training.

Apprentices are responsible for updating a logbook to record these activities.

Health & Safety

Here at Kidderminster College we take the health, safety and well-being of our students very seriously. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure a safe working environment and to ensure your apprentice is not subject to any unreasonable risks.

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