#TeamKC 2020 Staff Awards


It’s that time of year at KC, we’re building up to celebrate everything our students and tutors have accomplished over the academic year. And we’re not going to let COVID-19 stop us!

Welcome to the


Our Staff #TeamKC 2020 Award Ceremony will be taking place on Friday 10th July 2020

Scroll down to see all the details, the categories and how to nominate!


This award recognises the staff and tutors who have worked tirelessly, without complaint, to ensure that our students who have additional needs have received exceptional support to achieve their full potential.

This award goes to the staff member who has helped our students truly blossom as individuals. They’ve promoted British values, equal opportunity and celebrated diversity. They’ve helped teach our students how to be safe and healthy in this ever changing society, helping them out with self-confidence and to truly find their place.

This award recognises the staff member who has demonstrated real support in developing and inspiring others, by sharing knowledge, offering guidance, coaching or mentoring or playing a pivotal role in a team.

This award is all about the individuals who have made a difference, who have demonstrated real personal accountability and a ‘can-do’ approach with a workplace situation. They’ve remaining focused, even when a certain something has hit the fan,  to deliver a successful, positive outcome.
This colleague is a Force to Be Reckoned With, they’ve shown a truly collaborative approach within their work area or project. They’ve worked with others, sharing good practice, learning or insight to help unlock a project’s full potential. They get things done. Full stop. 

This category recognises great practice in teaching, an every-day hero who inspires, motivates and pushes their students to go above what they thought they were capable of.


So lockdown happened, and our working and teaching style had to adapt, innovate and change to cater for a situation none of us have ever seen. This individual hit the nail on the head. Utilising the technology available to them, they adapted, they innovated, they engaged. 
The mental health of both our students and have staff have been at the forefront of our minds during lockdown. It’s not been easy for any of us. This individual has helped support staff/students through these unchartered times, offering advice, guidance and support when it’s most been needed. 

This individual is someone who has had a greater impact than they realise – whether it be spreading kindness, positivity or someone that is just good to be around, this person has made ripples within the #TeamKC staff circle, in all the right ways.

-Cue Mission Impossible Soundtrack-

This person accomplished something that everyone believed to be/ that should be impossible. They did it. They did the thing. And boy, should they be recognised for it!

This is a Team Nomination; this is all about the support team that have made the biggest impact, the ones who support you, who go above and beyond, who rise to the challenge  and who deserve recognition for everything they do.
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