Year 2 OAA Learners Capsize! 19/11/2018


Our Year 2 Outdoor and Adventurous Activities learners are coming to the end of their 1 Star Training; the final part being rescues and dealing with a capsize!



! Our learners braved the freezing cold temperatures today to practice and learn how to help someone who has capsized their kayak or canoe; it can be a pretty nerve-racking experience when you’re not used to it! Over the course of the day, our Year 2 learners were shown how to calmly and quickly handle the situation

Programme Leader Paul Tonks said “The Learners have worked hard with this unit in all weathers, today they have been dealing with rescues. As in any water sport, it is inevitable that someone will capsize. Teamwork and communication is vital in effecting a successful rescue which the students managed well today.”



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