Wear Your Old Band Tee Day 19/11/2019


Conceived back in a West End boozer in 2008 and now on its 12th annual celebration; #TSHIRTDAY pays homage to immortalising that perfect moment you experience when watching your favourite band live; to promoting that band that means the world to you; to supporting an artist that made you feel something, someone whose craft you identify with.  We will be wearing what we want to hear; what our parents want to hear, what t-shirt and the band printed on it that makes us smile, that hits us in the feels.

“The wearing of the shirt is part of your story as a music fan and wearing an old one says ‘I love this band, I love this shirt and I’m still into it.’ I think it would be worse to buy a t-shirt and never wear it. The right t-shirt is a statement of who you are.” – STEVE LAMACQ

If we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, Band tees are our chance to represent what we love; what we listen to and what means something to us. It also counts as their biggest source of income, merch pays for petrol, for their food, for the booking fees. Without us fans representing them, our favourite bands wouldn’t be able to make it to the gig, it’s a full circle ting. (Sorry).


Have you seen our Creative Industries department (Check out our Music qualifications HERE )? Have you met both our teaching and support staff (Make sure you head down to our Open Evenings so you can)? We are a passionate bunch. With an eclectic taste.  From Dolly Parton and The Beastie Boys, to Taylor Swift and –this hurts to type—Harry Styles, we have most genres covered.

So, we’re putting on a show, giveaways, inviting our bands to come in and sell their merch, holding a seminar and live tweeting to Mr Lamacq all day with and about our favourite band tees, and it should be interesting, because

“We’re letting your clothing pick the music we play.”-BBC RADIO 6


We’ve picked out a few choice quotes and words of guidance from the man himself;


STEVE LAMACQ: Ooh… Well, you can but you will get found out at some point because someone will always ask you about it. If it’s a particularly good shirt design wise then I’ll say yes, but it has to be really good.

I guess also t-shirts might get handed down between generations like vinyl. I think that’s interesting. I like the idea of t-shirts staying in the family and becoming vintage. Then of course you can wear it because you’re not saying you are cool, you’re saying your mum or dad is cool.


STEVE LAMACQ: Pick one that’s got a good story. One that means the most to you. One that explains a bit about yourself as a fan of music. Something that has a bit of you in it.

These t-shirts, in a way, are like postcards from our youths, they tell us something about ourselves when we bought them and our relationship with the music and how much we’ve changed – and how we haven’t.

You’re still that person who bought that old shirt, that’s why you’re digging it for T-Shirt Day. Part of the enjoyment of it all is putting yourself back in the time and mind set of when you first got the shirt.

You can read the full article HERE


Let’s be honest, if we see a band or artist tee we like and want, we don’t really think about the contribution we make to them when we part with our cash; Band tees are a source of revenue, and a way to build up and advertise their brand, music merchandise has always been important to aspiring bands and artists because of this. Not only that, but we all know that music is closely tied-in to an individual’s identity, and hoodies and t-shirts allow fans to align themselves to part of a greater subculture and identify each other as fans.

Don’t take our word for it, check out BBC Radio’s article here for stats and more info

Jonn Penney, of the notorious and local Neds Atomic Dustbin, will be holding a seminar highlighting the importance of band merch and how it helps upcoming artists in all manner of ways. This will happen after our Music Student’s performances on the stage. This is not to be missed. Insider knowledge, professional advice? You will want to be there.


Make sure you hit ‘ATTENDING’ over on Facebook to show your support.

If you want to find out more about the history of band tees; check out the episodes from BBC Radio 6 below:-


Dear Music lot – students, inspirational artists, budding designers; you know how important band merch is to your career and lets face it, designing it and encapsulating  your bands ethos into a tee is pretty exciting; but also expensive. On the flip side though, you have to invest in order to get a return. Check out more info HERE



On top of this, we’ll be canvasing for Help Musicians; this amazing charity supports all manner of artists; they;

“Offer practical, positive support to emerging, professional and retired musicians, whatever the genre. Specifically, they help emerging professionals develop their talent and get started in their professional career. They help existing professionals who hit a crisis in their lives which can have a devastating effect on their career and families. They help long term or terminal illness and help musicians in retirement and those needing special help as they grow older.”

For #TeamKC, there are few charities that fit our ethos and demographic as much as these guys. So whether it’s shrapnel or a few spare quid, we’ll be asking for a few kind donations on the day to assist our future, current and past chart toppers.

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