#TSHIRTDAY at #TeamKC 26/11/2019


Well, it can be. But when music, concerts and gigs are involved, that t-shirt you brought has a memory, it has a significance and it helps someone…it helps that person you just saw on stage. In case you didn’t know, Kidderminster College have produced a huge line up of musical talent and employ many critically-acclaimed and industry renowned artists, teaching not just musical theory, but how to successfully finance, market and run a band as a business and viable income.


With flyers plastering the reception wall, a fully specked out stage and lighting rig and a crowd of students, Scott Garrett of MAS Records introduced the event, playing Steve Lamacq’s shout out to Kidderminster College which we were lucky enough to get on his show last Friday, listen to the whole show here and keep an ear out for us! BBC 6 MUSIC


Check out our warm up article which introduces the event and it’s goals HERE

#TeamKC then launched into a series of gigs performed by our music students, who got the chance to showcase their talent and what skills they have been honing during class. It was a great chance for them to get some practice in, they’re currently rehearsing for ‘One Night Only’ which will take place at Kidderminster Town Hall on 18th December and will be co-hosted by our Ignite Musical Theatre team!

The event drew the attention of members of the public, who came in to see the commotion and family perform. It was a chance for the rest of the college, who might not otherwise make it up to the Third Floor, to see what our music students are capable of and to show their support.

The students were given the chance to man their own merch store, selling their own band t-shirts as well as five custom designed t-shirts from Kidderminster College for the day.

Band merch is an essential part of music culture, not only as a means of promotion, but as a means of funding whether it be getting from A to B, petrol, venue hire, food, equipment maintenance. Band merch and in particular, t-shirts, are a vital course of income for any artist.


In true #TeamKC community spirit, Ravens Gift Shop came through with providing 5 bespoke printed t-shirts to commemorate the day; Ravens Gift Shop run a t-shirt printing company, as well as an incredible alternative shop, over in Stourport. #TeamKC were able to raise their profile amongst our music students, putting them in touch with a local vendor who produces high-quality band merch.

“Ravens Gift Shop was established in 2012 and we stock unusual gifts, jewellery, incense, crystals and clothing. We are proud to support fair trade suppliers from across the world and we also offer a range of up-cycled clothing from closer to home.  We are delighted to be known as the “go to” shop for something a bit different and we’re happy to support and showcase local crafts people and artisans too.  Ravens is a local venue for Gong Baths & Sound Therapy session which are usually held once a month. You can be sure of a warm welcome from Neil & Fi when you drop in…”


Make sure you check them out on social and give them a follow!




We were introduced to Ravens Gift Shop by our incredible Hannah Law, whose parents actually run the place!

If you haven’t checked out Hannah before, we strongly recommend that you do!

“Hannah is a 18 year old singer-songwriter hailing from the West Midlands, UK. She takes her inspiration form folk, rock, and any other genre she can get her hands on.

Hannah has been performing solely with bands since the age of 12, but as of 2018 now plays as a solo act too. Armed with her voice, ukulele, guitar and loop pedal she had always been sure to surprise.”





Electric Raptor formed in June 2018. Their aim was to create unique music which sounds like no other. With their debut album “Tales From Randy’s Pawn Shop” released on the 14th of April 2019. Electric Raptor have really taken the music scene by storm, providing the crowd with a sea of energy and charisma, with the odd trumpet and guitar solo.

Make sure you head over to their socials to take a listen to their music and find out when their next gig is!






Kidderminster College regularly host events; whether it be Music, Musical Theatre, Dance, Acting or external pieces and contributions from the community. Make sure you check our Events page which is updated regularly so you don’t miss out.