#TeamKC’s Andy Edwards Offers Artist Advice 03/02/2020


Our very own Andy Edwards has quite the wrap-sheet. Not only has been a tutor at #TeamKC for a considerable time, but he’s toured the world multiple times and is an internationally renowned drummer.

He sat down with Scott Garrett, head of MAS Records, to impart some sage advice about how to pull yourself out of a funk when you’re demoralized by trying to establish yourself as an artist. Check out his video below and have a read of his BLOG POST

“It can be demoralizing to spend all your time, energy and money creating your music, planning a release, sorting the artwork and organising a launch gig, only to find when you actually achieve getting your artistic vision out there, it is met with apathy and disinterest.”



Our music course is next to none, the course will enable you to study a vocational subject in a practical and hands-on way. Once completed, and if you are committed and persistent throughout the course, you will acquire the various skills that will provide the necessary foundations to not only be accepted onto the Level 3 Music pathways, but to hit the ground running with a large amount of skill and ability.

You will attend masterclasses by industry professionals who are at the top level of their specialism and will also be working in industry environments

So, what will you study on this course? Well, the question is what don’t we cover on this qualification? And the answer is nothing. You will get an in-depth look, experience and knowledge of the following:-

  • Music Performance
  • Instrumental Skills
  • Music Theory
  • Music Business
  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Music Recording
  • Marketing
  • Live Sound and Stage Tech


Check out our in-depth course synopsis’s here:-

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