#TeamKC MV Learners on tour 24/05/2019

UK’s Most Action Packed Venue

Get ready with your ear plugs; At the beginning of the month, our Motor Vehicle Level 1 and 2 learners had the opportunity to head to Northhants to see the Annual STP Speedway Nationals, courtesy of IMI. This annual event was guaranteed to be a day of speed, high octane and a chance to witness the incredible craftsmanship (and noise) these bespoke vehicles both exhibit and create!

Santa Pod Drag Racing

For the non-petrol heads amongst us ‘The heart of Santa Pod Raceway is the drag strip and the sport of drag racing… A drag race is an acceleration contest between two vehicles over a flat, straight distance of normally a quarter mile, or in some instances, an eighth-mile. Both vehicles compete from a standing start and the contest is run after qualifying in tournament style eliminations, the loser being eliminated and the winner progressing till there is one driver/rider left.”

Travelling up to the Santa Pod Raceway (Northamptonshire, England), the home of European FIA Drag Racing, to witness the fastest and loudest motorsport on earth our learners and future mechanics got to see both custom dragsters and motorcycles qualifying on the ¼ mile.

Typical British Weather

It wasn’t exactly the perfect weather for this spectator sport, a hailstorm and then a heavy rain shower paired with the usual chilly British spring weather didn’t make for ideal viewing or racing conditions, but both contenders and the crowd powered through until late afternoon.

Motor Vehicle at Kidderminster College

We run three levels of Motor Vehicle BTEC: Levels 1, 2 and 3. All of which have been created by the Institute of Motor Industry. Our intensive, practical based qualifications are designed to both advance your skills as a mechanic and provide a strong foundation for your next career step.

After successful completion of our course, you will be IMI accredited and able to seek employment either within the motor industry or secure an apprenticeship to continue your learning.

Our MV courses have a habit of filling up fast, however, there are currently places still available for  the 2019/20 academic year. You can apply by completing our web-form here and we’ll be in touch to arrange your interview within 2 weeks.

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Highlights of The Day

“All in all a great day was had by all, there were some amazing cars and bikes on show and I have already had requests for places for next year!

Tim Turner

MV Lecturer.


Ideas For Progression

Our Level 1 and 2 mechanics, who have just completed their respective first years of academic and practical study, were able to witness a first-hand the fast-paced, bespoke industry they’ve entered into.

With copious amounts of inspiration, like-minded individuals and enough noise to give your ear drums a good battering, our learners left with some serious motivation and even an idea of where their career might take them once they’ve left Kidderminster College.

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