#TeamKC Land Based x Hire It x Bells Farm 11/06/2019

Students from Land Based studies visited Bells Farm Shop on Tuesday to fulfill their “Preparing The Soil to Plant” task. Using equipment from Hire It on Worcester Road, Kidderminster, they were able to experience one of the key components of this practical-based qualification.

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Bell’s Farm Shop

“The Colwill family have been running Bells Farm Shop and Pick Your Own for over 25 years. We are always on the lookout for new varieties of fruit and vegetables to provide the best taste and the longest availability. We grow nearly 200 varieties of fruit and vegetables on 40 acres. surrounding the Farm Shop. Choose from over 30 different types of fruit and vegetable – either as Pick Your Own, or ready picked.

At Bell’s Farm Shop we are passionate about bringing you the taste of home grown fruit and vegetables at exceptional value. We believe eating freshly picked fruit and vegetables in season gives the most amazing flavour and the best price…”

With an ethos as strong and motivational as the above, our students were in expert hands!

Essential Processes

It was a very useful exercise, allowing learners to see exactly what goes in to the preparation of soil for planting. In our environmentally conscious world, soil preparation is an essential part of both the agricultural and horticultural industry and a key skill our students require when launching into their Land Based careers.

Transferable Skills

Learners got to see first-hand how hard work at the start of a process, leads to the production of healthy fruits and vegetables that are grown and then sold in the farm shop. Elements from this integral exercise can be carried forward into many aspects of life, highlighting the importance, both metaphorically and physically, of the importance of initial groundwork, planning and preparation.

Soil Preparation

Whether growing lawn grass, ornamental flowers or garden vegetables, preparing the soil before planting is essential. Soil needs to allow water to enter the ground efficiently so that it may be drawn up and used by developing plants. In addition, soil provides plants the required nutrients to allow them to grow and produce healthy fruits and flowers. Well-maintained soil is home to fewer garden pests, such as weeds, and ultimately results in the maximum production of blooms and vegetables

Chris Millington, Land-Based tutor:

The learners responded well to the task and enjoyed the practical hands on experience this module had to offer. Thank you to Richard from Bells Farm

Hire It, Thank you! 

A special thank you to Hire It  on the Worcester Road for helping us with our preparation for this Planting Task


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