#TeamKC Celebrates 140 years! 12/03/2020


On Wednesday 11th March, Kidderminster College celebrated and marked 140 years of being at the heart of the Wyre Forest District community.

Not only was the college commemorating the last 140 years of education in Kidderminster, through pictures, documents, performances, interactive displays and immersive presentations, the evening was also a celebration of the many diverse courses the college currently offers, which reflect the needs of students in today’s ever changing work environment.

A brilliant night for Kidderminster College! Well done to everyone, particularly the Level 2 actors who were just dynamite. Further education isn’t a ‘Stairway to heaven’- it’s much more fundamental than that- it’s the journey…not the destination! Keep it real ‘Kidder!’ So proud to be a Patron to you.”Mark Lockyer, Creative Industries Patron

As part of the college’s work within the local community, all party goers were given the opportunity to sign the Kidderminster College pledge, which was a chance to sign up to a future committed to education, diversity, sustainability and opportunity. With over one hundred signatures backing pledges to shape the society we want to be part of, locally, personally, nationally and globally. A society dedicated to peace, prosperity, education and understanding; a society we all have a stake in. The pledge aims to inspire and cement the college and local community’s constant evolving relationship to and within Kidderminster, approaching our 150th anniversary and beyond with optimism for the future.

 “… the college continues to be vibrant and to be looking to the youth of this area, and as you can see from walking around this evening, it’s spectacular to see all the various performances  and result of that dedication.” Robert Plant, MAS Patron

This milestone event was also an opportunity for Kidderminster College to look forward to the next hundred and forty years and beyond, to predict and embrace the inevitable changes that the continued march of progress will undoubtedly bring. We will ensure that Kidderminster College will continue to be at the forefront of new technologies, and offer the people of Kidderminster unparalleled opportunities to access education in all its forms.

“One thing the event has brought into focus is that over a hundred and forty years and three different locations, at the heart of everything we do is the students and their learning experience. I hope they are as proud of Kidderminster College as we are of them.” – Andy Dobson, Principal

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