#TeamKC Beekeeping: Land Based Studies 30/05/2019

The Apiculture Experience

Kidderminster College Land Based Studies students visited Tenbury High for an exciting day of beekeeping. The group gained hands-on experience in the role of an apiarist – tending to the bees and maintaining the hard-working colony.

Practical experience isn’t the only thing on offer at Tenbury’s Honeybee colony. Through the visit, students have developed their knowledge of the food production industry – exploring the inner workings of the honey-making process and finding appreciation for the invaluable work of beekeepers.

The Importance of Pollinators

This unit highlights the vital role played by bees, among the other pollinators, within our ecosystem. Understanding the environmental significance of the Honeybee has allowed the group to appreciate the equal importance of creating and conserving a habitat where they are able to thrive.

The group will progress forward into their Land-Based endeavors equipped with a new skillset and a wealth of conservational knowledge. A massive thank you goes to Tenbury High Ormiston Academy for hosting us.


Land-Based Studies Tutor, Chris Millington said;

The guys had a great time and learned loads of valuable skills and knowledge. We hope this will be the start of a special working relationship between Kidderminster College and Tenbury High Ormiston Academy.

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