Take Action: No plan, No planet event 01/11/2021

Take Action: No plan, No planet

The first UK built-in Climate Clock

Kidderminster College MAS Lab joins the Wyre Forest Green Alliance Art 4 Planet Earth in presenting an exhibition to increase awareness of our ecological problems with climate change challenges.

Head Curator at MAS Lab, Kevyn Gammond says:

“Throughout the week we aim to inspire and invite you to join us daily with live performances, alongside the display of visual arts, deal with the climate future myriad issues, exemplified by the work of KC staff, students and an array of artist speakers from the community. All will provide an overview on climate emergency and how our everyday activities shape our future. Also, at this time, addressing the COP 26 climate change conference taking place in Glasgow.”

The first thing you will likely notice when entering KC is a large “GROWBOT” which flashes warning messages and has the first UK built-in Climate Clock put together for KC “GROWBOT” by the Greta Thurnberg Climate research Institute. The “GROWBOT” has inspired students and staff create a Cosmic Garden floral sculptures that transform the colours, patterns and life-cycles of our plants and flowers to remind us to keep adapting to the ‘new normal’.

MAS Lab are attempting to build a new narrative about climate change with the support, understanding and participation of the individual citizens that make up our communities.

Events of the Week

Monday 1st November

Educate your clients.

Famed organic stylist Shirley Jester visits to share her top tips for planet-friendly hairdressing and beauty.

Tuesday 2nd November

Where nature and culture have become separated. 

MAS LAB and Kidderminster College Creative Industries bring their capacity to imagine to the table.

Wednesday 3rd November

Transforming places can transform people.

Riverside House is a particularly beautiful and ecologically diverse site in the historic heart of Stourbridge. This derelict, early 19th Century, ironworks, was part of a conglomerate that was amongst the largest in the UK. Over the next several years it will be transformed into a heritage centre with gardens, restaurant, crafts shop, woodland and workshops, but also a place where people feel included and bespoke opportunities are provided.

Lloyd Stacey, founder and director of Riverside House, speaks about the transformation of the site so far and the future aims and ambitions of the project including production of exclusively organic foods to supply their planned café, restaurant and locally sourced produce shop.

Thursday 4th November

Wear something green!

Art and activism.

Dee Edwards and Beth Williams from Wyre Forest Green Alliance explain how the alliance started building a network, doing visionary work in the community and how they will take this into the future with new projects.

Building a positive and sustainable college, recognising the challenges we face and embracing the full agenda of development.

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