Student Diary – what we did at PGL Liddleton Adventure Centre 27/04/2017

Some of our Bridging, Vocational Studies and Land Based Studies students recently visited PGL Liddleton adventure centre. It is a great activity centre which aims to nurture and challenge students.  The activities are geared to bring out the best in everyone, realising the potential in every individual to reach higher and achieve more.

Due to the varying levels of student ability or dexterity, some were not able to take part in all of the activities, but those that the students took part in involved teamwork, communication and problem solving. 

See what we did at PGL Liddleton!

We took part in Robot Wars where we were split into two teams and given time to turn each other into robots made from cardboard boxes.  We then communicated instructions to guide each other through a course to collect items – this really broke the ice and helped us get to know the others in the group!

We worked as a team in Survival Skills, making shelters, gathering wood from the surrounding areas and using flint to make a fire. We were taught what the important things to do in an emergency are and why.

In the climbing activity, Jacobs Ladder, we climbed in teams of three. Those not climbing at the time were put in charge of being on the other end of the safety harness rope, to ensure the climbing students were safe should they fall from the equipment. Not all students were capable of climbing all the way to the top but still encouraged and celebrated everyone’s achievements.

During the Challenge Course we were shown how to use all the equipment safely by the instructor and then given the chance to have a go. The more able students showed great care and patience when supporting the others.

Because of the dexterity issues involved in Archery, for some students this was quite challenging, but we were all able to shoot the target and were applauded and cheered on by the others!

The Crate Challenge involved students as a group to build up crates as high as possible for others to climb.  We all participated in the climbing exercise and took it in turns to man the safety harnesses. When we had gone as high as we were comfortable with climbing, the rest of the team knocked the tower down and left them hanging in the air!

Communication was essential in the Sensory Trail, which involved us all being blindfolded and led around a course in the woods. There was also a student with us who has a visual impairment so we were able to really empathise with them.

Some students were not able to climb very high on the Climbing Wall but were encouraged and cheered on by the rest of the group. One student wasn’t able to get very high on her first attempt but on her second go, after seeing others progress, she was able to get double the height which was really lovely to watch!

And all of us has a great time watching ‘Sing’ in the theatre at Movie Night!


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