Nathan Burton Releases New Games 27/09/2018

Former Games Development student Nathan Burton, going off the huge success of his first project ‘Circle Saviour’ which received a glowing 5* recommendation from all users who downloaded, has capitalized on the games incredibly positive reception by releasing two more 5* rated titles, ‘Ruby Raindrops & ‘Royal Rocketeers.’

the official synopsis of ‘Royal Rocketeers’ and ‘Ruby Raindrops’ are…

Royal Rocketeers 

“The skies are full of rockets, just waiting to be blown up! But who’s brave enough to launch themselves over the ocean to do so? The Royal Rocketeers, that’s who!

Jump from rocket to rocket, blowing up as many as you can to hit that new high-score and gather up gunpowder which can be spent to unlock new Rocketeers, eager to make more explosions!

With fast paced gameplay, 15 playable characters and a plethora of rockets to blow up, it’s time to start ‘splodin!”

Ruby Raindrops 
“In Ruby Raindrops, you play as an enchanted raindrop called “Ayall” who has the ability to turn regular raindrops into magical ruby red raindrops that taste like cherries!

Ayalls goal is to stay in the air as long as possible and create as many ruby raindrops as possible. By simply tapping on the left or right side of the screen, Ayall will jump in that direction.

Helping Ayall on both sides of the screen are a row of golden raindrops. These golden raindrops move slower than regular raindrops and act as a safety barrier for Ayall, but each golden raindrop can only be landed on once per game, so use them wisely!”

Below are some reviews from users who have downloaded and played Nathan’s games

“Great games, amazing art and style.”

“good and interesting games”

“Love it, simple and easy fun. Main character is cute too”

“Great fun”

Tracey Lewis – Program Leader for I.T and Games, had nothing but good things to say about Nathan

“Nathan did excellently on his course. He moved all the way from Scotland to enrol at Level 2 and then progressed onto a Level 3, achieving an excellent final grade. During his time here he made excellent use of the Visual Dynamic Studio to help develop his games and has published 3 games online that have been extremely well received. We are very proud of all of his achievements to date and look forward to seeing many more developments and games during his gap year before University.”

Follow this link to download the games, available on the App Store, free of charge!



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