MAS Lab Social Action At #TeamKC 07/01/2020


In aid of their upcoming initiative, representatives from MAS Lab visited #TeamKC to raise awareness of the importance of Social Action projects, their aim was to chat to our students about the topics they are passionate about making a change for by taking part in several activities, including a Kahoot quiz, our students did us proud as all suggestions were very well received and provided a great basis for future MAS Lab projects. they also promoted the relaxing effects of bringing pets into work, our students obviously loved this idea and the pups loved the attention they received!


Social action naturally explores interests, hobbies, and young people’s skills. It is especially important in this day and age because it helps young people develop a level of social awareness, a sense of belonging and will also strengthen young people’s social bonds within their local community. participating in social action projects allows you also to develop new skills in various areas, this could be anything from ICT skills to communication, allowing you to increase your career prospects.

If you want to know more about the social action projects MAS Lab have undertaken here at #TeamKC, check out our previous article on World Peace Day HERE


MAS Lab was set up by curator Kevyn Gammond as a means of bringing together a team of passionate artists/volunteers from all walks of life, their aim is to create opportunities for concept driven projects, finding ways to engage with your local community. Their overall goal is to make every project people-centric and not only product-centric. Each MAS Lab artist aims to explore the creation and expression of cultural identity through the arts.

The MAS motto – MAS is a lifestyle job, we all enjoy coming to work every day”


The next objective for MAS Lab, and the aim of the exercise as a whole, was to recruit a group of likeminded students to undertake their own social action project, working towards making improvements to the college and the local community. As MAS Lab goes from strength to strength with several highly successful events including Migrant X & World Peace Day under their belt, we hope to encourage all of our students to join in and show their support!


A big thank you to Hetty and Mari Randle for such a huge undertaking! Throughout last week, they visited a multitude of classes, and next week will be travelling up to our Vocational Skills Centre & West Midlands Safari Park to make sure that all aspects of college life get a chance to access this amazing cause and concept!

Mari and Hetty are best known for their band V.O.E (Vault Of Eagles) celebrating activism through different genres of music and performance, they were instrumental in the success of MAS Lab’s previous large scale project Migrant X, you can check out our article HERE 


Each of our Music courses are now under the MAS Records label! If you are set on a career in music, our qualification will provide you with a solid grounding to pursue your passion, taught by industry trained professionals.  Find out more by checking our FULL TIME  course page.



Check out their official website :

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