MAS Lab Migrant X 21/11/2018


Kevyn Gammond, is now taking a new role within the community, working in partnership with Kidderminster Town Hall to maintain the image of the venue. Gammond aims to make the Town Hall the central hub for opportunities in the creative industries; to operate as a co-operative where artists can work closely together by sharing ideas and providing each other with critical support.




His new project Migrant X, has led to a number of highly successful partnerships with various visiting artists, and is designed to inspire conversation and understanding on a number of issues faced in everyday society.

Kevyn has said“ It’s time to think value and not only profit, and the commitment of Kidderminster College/MAS LAB to creating something with value, to become part of the education system that champions creativity as the foundation of economic health.”

He aims to showcase the topics on which so much of today’s media focuses on, from border closures, asylum laws and accommodation, to detention areas and deportation.

Kevyn has made this project his sole focus and has already been hard at work, placing several displays around the foyer of the college.

Kevyn’s mindset throughout this work has always been..


Make it people-centric not only product-centric.

He is welcoming any and all help from both learners and staff to contribute to the success of this project.




Migrant X’s debut performance will be taking place at 8pm in the Kidderminster College theatre on 21/2/2019.  Following this, Kevyn will further develop his investigation of the migrant refugee complexities and possibilities, to accomplish this he has also teamed up with major theatre group Veenfabriek from Holland.

If you have any related material that you would like to contribute please email



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