Land-Based Students X #TreePlantingWeek X #SustainabilityWeek 28/11/2019


Yesterday our Land-Based and Conservation students played their part in a huge tree planting initiative in our local area for #TREEPLANTINGWEEK and #SUSTAINABILITYWEEK with the Wyre Forest Community Land Trust

Be a #TreeChampion this #NationalTreeWeek

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season.

This National Tree Week, people are planting trees around the country. They are laying down roots for a more tree-filled future, led by the National Tree Champion Sir William Worsley, to tackle climate change and protect our precious wildlife habitats.

Trees do so much for us every day. They give us oxygen, store carbon, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, support wildlife and are a key solution to climate change. They also make our communities more beautiful and improve our wellbeing.

But trees need our help now. We need to champion them, by planting many more trees and caring for the ones we already have, to ensure a green, tree-filled future.

National Tree Week is an opportunity for everyone to plant a tree and help ensure a tree-filled future.”

As part of their qualification, our Land-Based and Conservation students research and learn about the importance of forest management and were incredibly excited to get on board with such a prevalent initiative.

As part of Kidderminster College’s #SUSTAINABILITYWEEK our students will be given the chance to plant their own trees in the local Wyre Forest!


“The Wyre Forest is no wilderness. For centuries, people worked the land. And, by carefully managing the farms and forests, they created a special environment, rich in wildlife and plant species. At the Wyre Community Land Trust, we want to put this landscape back to work.It’s not about turning back the clock. It’s about building a sustainable future – by nurturing the environment, offering great value local products, and making it more viable for more people to earn a living from the land.” The Wyre Community Land Trust is a social enterprise – and we’re here to make the Wyre Forest to work better.”

Since 2007, we’ve been nurturing farmland and woodland in and around the Wyre Forest and bringing the landscapes back to life is only part of what we do. We’re equally committed to making it more viable for more people to earn a living from the land. So, for example, we manage around 300 acres of land, we run a busy sawmill and workshop, we sell a growing range of products, we run courses, and we help local landowners get more benefits from their property and products….


Our students have also been working alongside the volunteer party from The Wyre Forest Community Land Trust felling trees and coppicing to create dead hedgerows and habitat for birds for birds and other wildlife.


Hedgerows provide a gateway for many of nature’s little creatures, offering habitat space, a food source and a fab oxygenator for the environment.

Beyond the benefits they bring to wildlife, hedgerows are also key to preventing soil erosion by creating a natural barrier that prevents run-off from fields. The diverse range of plant life contained within hedges can even help combat climate change by storing carbon in vegetation and as soil organic matter

Hedges may support up to 80 per cent of our woodland birds, 50 per cent of our mammals and 30 per cent of our butterflies. The ditches and banks associated with hedgerows provide habitat for frogs, toads, newts and reptiles.


Conservation, climate change and the environment are hugely important aspects of our world, in particular with the current state of the climate. Our Land-Based and Conservation Studies qualifications focus on on essential transferable skills, theoretical background knowledge and more general principles required to enter both employment and continue further study. Our courses provide an incredible, rich and diverse base for you to launch into a fulfilling, practical career.

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