Land Based At Severn Valley Country Park 18/12/2019


Recently our Land Based students visited Severn Valley Country Park to carry out some essential winter maintenance work. Jobs included clearing out gulleys, allowing fresh water to flow and decrease the risk of landslides, plus clearing leaves and other debris from footpaths, ensuring the safety of visitors to the park, as Christmas is an especially busy time!

They were not finished there! They also took the time to look at the many different habitats of the various animals that inhabit the park, ranging from slow worms, various species of birds, snakes and insects, all whilst learning how vitally important it is to protect our local wildlife and preserve the ecosystem.

Wildlife Protection is the practice of protecting wild species and their habitats in order to prevent species from going extinct. Major threats to wildlife include habitat destruction/degradation/fragmentation, over exploitation, poaching, hunting, pollution and climate change.  To address these issues, there have been both national and international governmental efforts to preserve Earth’s wildlife.

Climate change is having a devastating effect on the habitats of many species, so an urgent call to action is needed to reduce our carbon footprint!

It is for this purpose that organisations like the WWF carry out their vital work, over the years bringing several species back from the brink of extinction.


Habitat conservation is vital for protecting species and ecological processes. It is important to conserve and protect the space/ area that  various species occupy. Habitat conservation is  also essentially important in maintaining biodiversity, an essential part of global food security.

Today, with the help of governments worldwide, a strong movement is taking shape with the goal of protecting habitats and preserving biodiversity on a global scale. The  actions of small volunteer groups in villages and towns, that strive to continue the work of well known conservation organisations are vital in making sure future generations understand how important it is to conserve our natural resources.


Green Flag Award winning Severn Valley Country Park spans both sides of the longest river in the UK, and is over 126 acres of countryside, a great mix of open land and ancient natural woodland, offering walking routes and the chance to see some rare wildlife!

The Severn Valley Railway also runs through the park, offering visitors the unique experience of arriving via steam train!



Our Land Based & Conservation studies qualification is designed to develop your knowledge, confidence, and practical skills, all whilst working in the great outdoors! Working in partnership with Ray’s Farm & West Midlands Safari Park, we really allow our students to get in on the action to gain the necessary skills to pursue a career caring for wildlife, the countryside and the environment.

You can check out everything our Land Based students have done in our previous articles on our News Page! 

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