Land Based Are Blooming Marvelous 15/05/2019


Land Based Learners on Tuesday went and carried out some work for the Cookley In Bloom project up at the Village Hall. The local village of Cookley is an entrant in the large village category of the RHS Britain in Bloom competition and promotes a strong sense of community centered around horticulture and heritage.

Our learners didn’t need much encouragement to get their hands dirty, creating several fantastic looking flower beds, which were planted with great care to ensure all the plants were looking healthy and at their best for the big event.

Chris Millington: ”Cookley in bloom presents a fabulous opportunity for our learners to showcase their horticultural talents. Learners were able to create areas for planting, and nurture them ready for the installation of bedding plants. These plants will not only lighten up the area but allow for us to create a planting lasting legacy here”.

Chris goes on to say;

“We as a course would like to thank the team at Cookley for allowing us to come on board with the project. We are all very excited to be involved.”

This is one of the many exciting, local projects our Land Based Studies learners are involved with. Our learners utilise their practical skills and vital underpinned knowledge in the care of animals and the environment to excel and assist the local community.





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