KC Learners Win iPads 18/07/2019

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During the exam season the previous week, #TeamKC ran a campaign to make sure all our learners got full attendance for their maths and English GCSE exams

The Importance of Maths and English

Here at #TeamKC, we place a shed load of importance on making sure that our learners fully unlock their potential and leave with the skills that will allow them to craft an amazing life and career for themselves. Part of this includes running English and maths tutorials, with a view that all of our learners are able to successfully complete their GCSE’s with our help.

Having English and maths under your belt is essential for any and all careers you might want to go into. They are two  vital skills all employers look for when recruiting and are even more important if you want to set up your own business!

Having the basics down also helps you in other ways; you don’t really think about it, but English and maths is a part of every day life, and their importance grows as you move into life. Getting to grips with the basics means you’ll be able to tackle sorting your own household budget so you never run out of loo roll, you’ll have a better understand of mortgages and rental monies when it comes to making that big move, you’ll be able to handle your personal finances for going out, treating yourself or just putting money on one side for a rainy day and make sure you avoid being skint.  Then there’s DIY, at some point you’ll need to put up a shelf, hang a picture or use numbers in some form.

English is also super important, you’ll need a basic understanding to get to grips with contracts; both for employment and for when you move out. A grasp of English also helps you communicate, stay up to date with current affairs and politics, handle important correspondence



It’s impossible to go a day without using English and maths , a good level of understanding means that you can have more control over things like your finances, communication, and you can gain a better understanding of issues in politics and the the news, meaning you stay updated and informed!

English and maths pay

The majority of employers look for at least GCSE grade 4/C in each subject, so English and maths skills could be the difference between you getting the job or promotion you want or not. People with good GCSE grades in English and maths also earn approximately £2,000 more than those who don’t

You’re more likely to get into uni 

(If that’s where you want to go…)

The majority of university courses look for at least 4/Cs in GCSE English and maths as this shows you have a good understanding of the subjects. Not getting a 4/C in these subjects might limit your chances of getting into university.

It’s good for your health

Studies show that higher levels of literacy and numeracy are linked to better health and a longer lifespan. These skills also have a positive impact on your mental health.

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