KC AT HOME – June/July Edition 02/07/2020

Can you really believe that it’s July already?! We’ve been busy getting everything ready for Enrolment and Induction. We’re embracing this new normal and we’re making it work for us!

So, what have we been up to? The answer is quite a lot! We’ve actually been as busy as ever, behind-the-scenes we’ve been overcoming all sorts of challenges, we’ve been turning things on their head and we’ve been making our mark.

We’ve been busy adapting to the new world to ensure a smooth transition for both our students journey into #TeamKC and the new working world our staff will be set to walk into!

You don’t need us to tell you that it’s going to be very different this year. Safety is paramount to us at KC. So with that in mind, and as everything seems to be doing nowadays, we’re taking things online. 

We’re working furiously behind the scenes to get our Virtual Enrolment Platform set up; this will mean that you can enrol from the comfort of your own home; there won’t be any need to head into college just yet!

We’ve got our Induction timetable locked in, but again, we’re putting a KC COVID spin on things. You’ll be meeting our Principal Andy Dobson and your Programme Leaders via video.

Whilst we’ve all been busy working from home, our amazing Estates team have been putting in the hours to make the college as safe as possible; we’re all one way now, we’ve got hand sanitising stations at key points on every floor; the lift’s maximum capacity is now one and we’re asking you to keep your distance when you’re walking around. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ve already come this far! 

Every couple of weeks, the Marketing Team have been firing off emails to keep our new cohort in the loop. It’s such a uncertain time right now, we want you to be confident in the knowledge that you’ve got your place with us, it’s secure. We got you. 

Got a few moments? Why not take a peek at our KC Blog? 

June was LGBTQ+ month and we created some amazing resources for you to look through celebrating, offering advice and showing our KC support. 

Likewise, we created a very important list of resources highlighting the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s so important to stay informed, to reject racism and to do what you can to change the future. 

Make sure you regularly check up on the KC Blog!

How To Make A Face Covering [How-To]

From this Friday, the UK government have said that we should all be wearing a face covering when we go out shopping, it will be mandatory….as in, we HAVE TO, or we’ll get a fine. of £100.00.  So, we thought we’d show you how you can make them at home so you can put your... Read more »

How to look after your Wellbeing #WorldWellbeingWeek2020 [TIPS]

This week is #WorldWellbeingWeek, where everyone is coming together to share tips about looking after yourself, whether it be your mental health, your relationships, your physical health or your college/work life. These are all important elements to look after, both now and in the future.  So where can you start in being a bit kinder... Read more »


For the whole of June, we're celebrating along with the rest of the country LGBTQ+ Pride. We're a big advocate at KC  for inclusivity, free expression and supporting students and their choices. We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for our students and welcoming anyone from the LGBTQ+ community, whether they are a staff... Read more »

Black Lives Matter [RESOURCES]

Following the recent events in the USA and the murder of George Floyd, KC have gathered together a range of resources to help our students stay informed. #TeamKC does not tolerate racism, discrimination or prejudice.  We have a responsibility to each other to fight against discrimination, exclusion and prejudice and to work together to create... Read more »

We’ve teamed up with all the college’s in the West Midlands to sign the Education and Skills Pledge. The impact COVID-19 has had on local businesses and communities has been unprecedented and as an FE College, we’re ready to play a pivotal role in helping refresh and redevelop our local communities skills. Check out our latest NEWS ARTICLE for more details.

Lockdown hasn’t been all doom and gloom! We’re all about looking for the positives here at KC, and boy have there been a lot! Our KCHE student Will collaborated with the infamous The Force to release his first Drum ‘n’ Base track, take a listen HERE, we’re so proud! If you’re interested in joining KCHE, head over to their page and have a look at the university level courses we can offer you! 

KC are gearing up to go big for the #TeamKC Awards 2020! The nominations are in, the winners have been notified and we’re getting ready to have two days of celebration on the 9th and 10th July.  Make sure you’re tuned in to the KC socials on both days and keep an eye out for a special AWARDS news post! 

We’re over 3 months deep in lockdown, teaching, learning and the classroom have all changed dramatically, and we’re responding to that. Online is going to be the way of life going forward, so here at KC, we’ve been creating our KC Online Hub. There’s a few sneak peeks below, but, we’re hoping it will be an invaluable resource for you over the summer, keep any boredom at bay and prepare you for being part of the Team in September! 

It’ll come as no surprise that one of our Hair & Media Make-up Students has been nominated for World Skills Creative Media Make-Up Competition. Ella is astonishing at what she does and we promise to keep you posted on her progress through the heats!  

Yep, we know, we keep saying it, we’re going virtual, we’re opening up new online doors and platforms to communicate from. But we’re pleased announce the launch of the Apprenticeships facebook page! Now more than ever we need to stay connected, so head over there and give them a like. Keep your eyes peeled for their webpage refurbish as well! 

The KC LRC Team have been knocking it out the park with their content lately. With weekly Wednesday Wellbeing activities, book reviews, poetry readings, they’ve been successfully keeping us inspired throughout the past three months. Being confined to the house has meant we’ve been reading lots, so take a look at their book reviews for some inspo, then grab a book and a cuppa and get reading! 

If it’s one thing that lockdown has made clear, it’s that we are the definition of a Team here at KC. We have all; students, tutors and support staff, pulled together to keep on going, we’ve adapted, we’ve helped, we’ve checked in. And if you’re due to start with us in September, this is what you’ll be joining. This is what you’ll become a part of. It’s an exciting time…lots of innovation, lots of thinking outside the box. But at the end of the day; our students, their futures, their progression is what matters to all of us.