KC Art & Design Collab With Local Community 21/05/2021

Art, Design and Community

KC Level 3 Art & Design students are delighted to announce a series of upcoming collaborations with the local community. Now that lockdown is slowly easing, our Art and Design students have been busy getting back into the swing of things, and it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy, creative year!

"Art Is Too Important Not To Share"

Community Collab #1.

Collaborating with Horsefair & Proud and the Regeneration Bid, Kidderminster College Art students are helping to work on the new ideas and designs for the Horsefair Underpass Project.

Sarah, Alex and Kate visited yesterday to give the students a talk to outline the brief and to give a brief outline about the history of Kidderminster, the Horsefair and local landmarks and notiarities. This was followed by a 2hr workshop for the commissioned artist Kate to work with the students on initial design ideas.

Kate will be working with these design ideas to produce an overall image to be used in the Underpass, with students will be taking part in the production/painting of the design at the beginning of June.

Our beloved Horsefair has seen quite the revamp over the past few years, and rightly so, as it’s the gateway to Kidderminster! The landmark clock returned last year, and the amazing Horsefair & Proud have been working hard on restoring the area; in May 2020, members of the community joined forces to sand down railings, plant new flowerbeds and also re-paint railings, benches, bollards and the base of the horse statue.The work was carried out by Horsefair and Proud community group and six staff members from Specsavers IGS Group, who helped revitalise the area as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility day.

The event was organised by Alex Powell of The Big Local DY10 Partnership, which aims to improve the Horsefair, Broadwaters and Greenhill areas of Kidderminster through community collaboration and volunteer work.

Community Collab #2.

Kidderminster College Art Students will also be taking part in a Photography Exhibition hosted by the Kidderminster Carpet Museum.

Work from their Isolation and Identity Unit will be showcased in the upcoming weeks; and of course we’ll let you know all the details so you can head over and check it out!

A centre of Heritage, Art and Industry

The Museum of Carpet opened on 12th October 2012 and is the only Museum in the UK dedicated to celebrating the heritage, art and industry of carpet making.

Inviting visitors to discover the unique story of Kidderminster, once known as the ‘Carpet Capital of the World’, through visuals, photos, films and interactives. The story is brought to life by their team of volunteers, most of whom lived and worked in Kidderminster during its carpet industry heyday.

KC Art Students

Back in the day, Kidderminster College actually used to specialise in Art and Design; so we are beyond grateful to be able to go back to our roots and to run these courses again.

With the fall out from COVID, it’s essential that we keep the arts alive; after all, it’s been the arts that have helped us through these trying times. We’ve turned to TV, drawing, music. In this ever-changing world, we need creative people more than ever. So if this has inspired you, check out the KC Art and Design Courses; we run Level 2 and Level 3.

Keep up with our students work over on their Instagram

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